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APRIL 30 2015

Today has been a fairly good day. Bailley ate all of her breakfast and seems happy. She is going in and out to potty and seems alert. I am treating the cough with .50 ml lasix. It does not seem to be helping the cough.  I am noticing the cough has not increased in frequency but seems to be increasing in length.



We are noticing Bailley wants to play for a couple seconds at a time. She played with Steve protecting a toy just like she used to do. She is now going to the cookie jar asking for cookies. She is greeting Steve at the door when he arrives home even growling at the door with anticipation of his arrival. I am very pleased with her quality of life at this point but it seems like the cough is getting a bit worse. I am now concerned about her heart. She has a coughing spell about three times a day now that last for a few seconds with a gagging cough at the end.

March 17 2015 – SIGNS OF IMROVMENT

I can honestly say I believe Bailley has a fighting chance of being with us a few more years. Her quality of life has improved significantly. She has pep in her step and can actually walk outside by herself to potty. I notice when I bath her that her coat is growing back. I notice it in her tail most because she only had strings. Now she has about one inch of think new growth. Her face is white again. Her skin looks great. No spots or flakes and for the first time in a long time I am able to use regular shampoo on her. No medicated stuff. Her coat is shiny and her eyes show signs of a sparkle. Her appetite has improved (still picky) and she is eating a full try of food breakfast and dinner.

Dusk is my very most favorite time of the day. I love the way the light crosses the yard. I was scouting the yard fro some photos and saw how the light was coming through the trees. It was not to warm so I decided to grab Bailley and shoot a few photos. The result are memories with my most precious angel preserved forever. She ever ran a bit and seemed to enjoy her evening in the yard. She was using her nose and smelling the grass. We spent about 30 minutes outside and she was ready to come in.

Here are a few of the photos


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February 07 2015

It is cold in Florida this year and Bailley seems to shiver all the time. I can not determine if its the cold or because she is sick. A sweater seems to help. She always walks with her tail down now. She comes to the kitchen when she knows dinner is being prepared. She shows interest but then walks away. Her face seems to be getting a bit whiter. She does not seem as weak and her arthritis seems to be getting better with the glucosamine started back.


January 02 2015

Bailley was very sick at this time. You can see how thin the hair is on top of her head. Her face was still stained very bad. If you look at her coat you can see the flakes that started. Her skin got worse before it started to improve.