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05/31/2015 – LAZY DAY

Saturday was a lazy day, time for more research! (looks like we are getting a dehydrator) Bailley and Phoebe love it best when I am on the computer.  There are a total of four beds under the computer were I work, and play. Bailley’s typical day starts off with getting out of bed, going out to potty, then coming in and going to the office for her morning nap. She knows I will be having coffee at my desk, printing invoices, checking mail, checking Facebook, doing research, and tapping out details of our lives on Bailley’s Blog.

The office scene _DSC0006




A long time ago when I was much younger and raising my two boys, we attended a church where about 90% of the mothers home schooled their children. My children were about 7 and 11. I looked at all those mothers and tipped my hat to them. After being asked if I would like to join their group I said, “There is no way on God’s green earth, I would ever home school my kids.” There were SO many holes in this way of thinking and I had hard evidence to back this up. I was not a scholarly person and graduated high school by the hair on my chiny chin chin. The county had a much better grasp of what children needed to be taught and they had a curriculum that was voted on by much smarter people than myself. Kids need to be with other children to thrive and understand how to develop socially. Putting my children on that big yellow bus every morning was such a relief that I handed the gauntlet over to someone more qualified.

Well, I slowly found out not a single one of these reasons were valid! SCARY stuff! When I took a step back from my own selfish mind, the blinders started falling off. I saw that my children were suffering academically and socially because I put them on that big yellow bus every morning. Then guilt took over because I knew and understood what was true and untrue. I started home schooling my oldest in his second year of middle school and my youngest was in elementary school. It was very difficult to follow where God was leading on this issue in my life. My family all thought I was making a huge mistake. They thought I was allowing the church to lead and I just blindly followed. I felt called by God, I blindly followed GOD! With my blind leadership, both of my children graduated with very good grades. Both boys are firmly grounded in family, they are polite and say yes sir, no sir. Both boys went to college. One to Embry riddle and graduated with a degree in aviation science, the other joined the Navy and is currently a sonar technician on a submarine, helping protect our freedom.

I am a very rebellious person. I am not a follow the crowd kind of person. I question EVERYTHING. But looking back over my life so far, I have found when I step back and give up my will, God spoke very loud and his plan is so much better than mine.

I love my children, my dogs and my husband more than every breath I take. My children dont really want my mothering anymore and the last thing you want to do is mother a husband. So now most of my motherly attention is focused on my dogs.

Because I am so deeply involved in dogs I have discovered many people cook for their dogs. I have always said, they are crazy, I will never do that, I dont have time, there are tons of high quality dog foods on the market.

During this journey with Bailley, everything I have read about cushings and heart disease treatment has had one thing in common. Home cooked diet is best! I was very intimidated by this and have denied and fought this notion for many years. The time has finally come, I have officially crossed that hard line in the sand and I cooked my first official batch of home made dog food. I have also ordered a few more nutrients that seem vital to Bailley’s stability. I will post more about those once I start them.

SO my first batch was a pretty good go of it but next time I will know a but more how much of each item and I will be adding a few more ingredients. I have decided no grains. For now at least. My recipe was ground chicken and turkey


After the meat was pretty much cooked, I added eggs(whole egg including shells), broccoli, peas, and blueberries – All added to the food procesor one at a time and ground fairly fine.

IMG_1737 IMG_1736

I added two sweet potatoes diced after cooking them and  some garlic powder. I cooked all of this together. On the side of her meal I gave her cottage cheese. I put all of her meds in her bowl with this food. It has been impossible to get fish oil in her because the gel caps are huge. Cant hide them in anything! I opened one and put it on her food. Worked great. It was definitely a hit and I gave the other dogs half of this with their kibble. I will be switching everyone over once I get a firm grasp on doing this.


This recipe is Bailley approved – EMPTY bowl. She even came back for more later!!

IMG_1741So in closing, a quote from my grandmother, “Don’t ever say what your not going to do because it will be the next thing you have to do.”

05/29/2015 – LOVE IS IN THE AIR

Anyone who knows me knows I love animals, great and small. I love them all. We have a small pond just outside of our pool. It has been there now for over 10 years and it is one of the things in my life that I get so much enjoyment from. It is amazing how life finds water. We have bought Koi and fold fish for the pond but in the years we have had it we have had new baby koi born and last year we had strange new black fish born. I think they may be gold fish that crossed with the koi??? Not sure but they are getting bigger. Then we noticed some small minnow looking things that we figured out were small sunfish. How did those get in there?? Bird poop?? Every year it seems our pond is a hot spot for frog procreation! The noise coming from the pond last night was so loud it could be heard clearly on the other end of the property. It was so loud that we could not hear our music at the pool and I think Steve wanted to go gigging! NOOO! I grabbed a flash light to see if I could video a few of these strange little beings in action. As I approach you can hear for a second their songs of romance, they were somewhat embarrassed when I shed some light on their evening activities.

There were around 15 of them in our tiny pond that evening. I went back about five minutes later and they were paired up making fish food!!! Oh the small things that amuse me!!!!


My dogs in general hate getting their nails clipped. Bailley has hated it since she was VERY young. I had to learn not to clip her nails the day of or the day before a show. She would be so angry with me she would embarrass me in the ring. Not even kidding. She is very smart. We had to bait her with cheese just to be able to get around her with nail clippers. She would scream when the clippers just touched her nail. It was a scream like nothing I heard. It would last until the final nail was clipped. She would accent the scream on the clip part of clipping to make you think you cut her foot off each time. I cannot begin to tell you how traumatic it was for me as well. She conditioned me so each time I would have to clip her nails, my body language gave it away before I had the clippers in my hand. This is just one example of how Bailley has trained me.

Over the years and many dogs later I learned I had to be in control for the dog to feel safe. As much as Bailley still has my number, I am in control of any care that has to be done and all of my dogs do very well. It is very hard to always be the person who does the mean things to them. But its a balance. I make sure to love each one so a trust is established so they know its not ALL about the mean stuff. Shih Tzu have to learn VERY early who is boss. They have a strong will and a very hairy body. They are in for a lifetime of grooming to stay healthy.

With that being said, a few years ago I did switch how I do nails. It is much easier and I dont have anymore bloody accidents. I grind their nails. Its very quick and easy. I bought the pictured below dremel on Amazon for like $23.00. It is cordless and runs on double A batteries. I love it!!! Makes very quick work of nails and the dogs got used to it in no time. Bailley complained at first but she gives in pretty quick. No more cheese. We just grind away. Now after every bath, once a week, I grind their nails. They have much healthier nails and they are never long.



Black nails show the quick, this is a good place to stop



Here is an example of what happens when you wait and let the nails get long – the first image is what your dogs foot looks like when the nail is kept at optimal length, the second is what happens to your dogs foot if the nails get to long. Makes it very difficult for them to walk correctly causing  and other long term issues.


05/27/2015 – Does your Shih Tzu smell like a frito?

Funny thing about Shih Tzu, just before bath day when you are snuggling in bed with your little angel, a funny smell might hit your nose. Its a familiar smell but not quite like the smell you remember. Then it hits you, “My Shih Tzu smells like a frito.” or old stale popcorn. I am tempted to get out of bed and dispense baths in any order so my precious little angels smell cuddly once again. I just tell myself tomorrow will come very soon and try to go to sleep with a guilty conscience.

Morning comes and dogs run and hide because once the first Shih Tzu hits the sink it spreads throughout the house like wildfire that IT’S WEEKLY BATH DAY!!! As I finish one Shih Tzu its like an Easter egg hunt looking for my next victim. One by one my angels smell cuddly again.

Peace is once again restored in our home. All the Shih Tzu are clean and fresh.

Currenly in our home there are three permanent residence. Phoebe, Peyton, and Sweet “B”  I also have three non permanent dogs, crazy, who is now cut down and will find his forever home soon, Ella and Emmy, the two girls I am currently showing.

Phoebe – Her usual sleeping position



So many things to share. Most important, Bailley had a great weekend. She ate well and seemed very happy and content. Monday was a bit uncomfortable for her because we had a house full of family as well as two small children which raised the noise level in the house about ten times the normal level! Everyone respected her place in the house and the children seemed to understand Bailley’s boundaries. Bailley has never liked children. This is completely my fault. When Bailley was a puppy my youngest son, Tyler was nine. As a puppy I wanted Bailley to love only me so I began talking to her.I would tap and and say get em’. She would start to growl and look around for someone to get. Tyler thought this was funny and would repeat what I did but Bailley would snap at him. She never bite but, would grow and show her teeth. As a result of this conditioning when she was young, she does not tolerate children at all.

I made a lot of mistakes with Bailley that were not repeated again. For example, I have always fed her from my plate and my fork, as a result to this day she knows the last bit on my plate is reserved for her. I blame all of her bad behavior on myself. Bailley is never responsible for any of her bad behavior. When your dog is 14 and sick, you give her anything and everything she wants!

On Monday my oldest son and family came for the day. It was a wonderful day seeing the babies. Its only been a month since I saw them and Aubry has grown so much. They change so fast! Here are a couple photos taken of the girls on Monday. Not the best quality but so adorable. Strawberry shortcake went over very well.

4 (1 of 1) 6 (1 of 1) 7 (1 of 1) 11 (1 of 1) 12 (1 of 1)

Unlike Bailley and her daughter Phoebe, the noise and commotion did not phase our youngest fur baby, Peyton. She wanted to be in the middle of everything. To our surprise, she even went on the float in the pool. She was right at home on the float in the pool

_DSC0589 10 (1 of 1) _DSC0596 _DSC0598

5/24/2015 A good day

I am happy to report Bailley is back to her old self. I am not certain what made her so sick Friday but it was very scary. For a dog in Bailley’s condition, it doesn’t take much to start a viscous circle of illness they just don’t seem to come back from. Yesterday was a great day for her. She at breakfast and dinner with not many issues. Her dinner seemed a bit less than usual but all and all she was great! She had a good night and sleep like a little log all night.

Other events of my day yesterday included going to Walmart, yes I know I was just there! I hate that store and more on weekends. We had to get charcoal and a few other things hubby needed for cook out Monday. Our small cook out with just the kids has changed to a small cook out with my Aunt and Uncle as well as Gramma. It will be nice for her to see the grandbabies while they are here.

Steve blew up the girls floats in anticipation of Monday. They are adorable.