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6/30/15 – CATS?

Better get your coffee and settle in, this is a long one.

So yesterday my morning started out very ordinary. I woke up, rushed to the door to let three anxious Shih Tzu out to do their morning duty, or not (some just like to save it for the rug) then I went inside, gave Bailley her SAMe, made coffee and settled in for my morning blog post, email check and catch up on Face Book.  Upon opening my Face Book there was a photo of a cat that needed a home. It was at a local no kill shelter. This cat looked a lot like our Bubba we used to have.


He was a bob tail. We have two cats currently and we have been tossing around having one spot for another cat. There are three vials of flea control in each pack you buy so we can have three cats (my reasoning). So I inquired about this cat. I even went as far to fill out an application on their website. I am not even kidding you when I say I felt like I was applying for a job. They wanted all the sorted details of my life. A list of every pet I have ever owned and how they came to leave my care. WHAT???? Every pet I have ever owned?


I started thinking about it and realized I must be Dr Death. It seems, I have owned around 20 cats in my life, none of which made it out alive. All were very well cared for but fate has not been so kind to our cat population. We live on an acre and have over the years offered a home to many abandoned and orphaned cats. I think our numbers got up to six a few years ago when we suddenly noticed they were disappearing one at a time. We finally came to the conclusion something was taking them. We never found a single hair from any of them. The one cat that remained slept on the roof at night. Bunny was our lone survivor.


So about two and a half years ago, two little kittens needed a home and we took them in. Charlie and Lucy, we named them. They lived on the porch for the first six months of their lives. We let them in and out until they started breaking through the screen at night to get out. So we started leaving them out. Every night at dusk, they climb on the roof. About four months ago Lucy disappeared. We looked every where. It breaks our heart.

1799018_10203548288214627_1297658961_oAre we now to be punished by not having cats. So we have decided to give it another go. Hoping the next cat will be as smart as the two we still have.

So after that long explanation, back to the story of the day. The animal shelter asked for references as well as my vet information on the application. Do you know they actually called my references and my vet? I only listed I owned one cat on the application because I really did not want to get into my animal history. My mother in law was one of the references and she said they interviewed her like I was adopting a child. They wanted to know if I was a nice person who loved animals. My mother in law was so afraid of saying the wrong thing, she said “Oh yes, she’s a very nice person and loves animals. She’s a dog breeder” WHAT? Only my mother in law. LOL Now Im thinking this shelter will never let me have a cat. They are probably thinking she is the cause of all of the homeless dogs that end up in their shelter. They called my vet and of coarse got a glowing review. But I did not have a cat named Lucy on my file. They called my friend as a reference and my friend said they questioned her like the key witness in a murder investigation! On top of all of this they want $100.00 to adopt a cat. Our county animal shelter only wants $10.00 and they have a big sign that says, Buy one get one free!!! I know sounds a bit harsh but there are tons of unwanted cats, you can go to the grocery store and people have boxes full of kittens giving them away. That’s how I have ended up with so many cats over the years. Isn’t a home like mine better than being euthanized?

SO the shelter emailed me to tell me the cat I wanted was adopted over the weekend but they had tons of lovely kittens or cats that needed homes. They proceed to say that if I would like to move forward with my “application” I would have to supply them with my correct phone number, guess my haste to fill out this five page application caused me to swap a couple numbers. In addition to a phone number they would need complete medical records for the cat I mention in the application “Lucy” WHAT?

Our cats are cared for very well. We spay and neuter all of them, we get vaccines at a local shot clinic held nearby. We make sure they have nice cat chow to eat and fresh clean water all the time. They are loved and petted. They are groomed by the dogs on a regular basis, and they can hunt until their hearts content. The lizard carnage on our drive on any given day is very similar to (forgive me) Normandy on D-day. I am hesitant to mention we do have an overpopulation of squirrels and the cats do help control that. Well, squirrels are like little salt and pepper shakers full of fleas.

418138_2491906873047_223799627_n430077_2491907873072_1143708773_n552295_2491908513088_1663640468_nThe suspect seen above doing recon for a new nest. Notice the nesting materials in his mouth?

Wrapping this all up, I do not think I will be “moving forward” with my application and I am glad I gave the wrong number. I realize this might sound a bit harsh to some people but I have bought expensive, big, pedigree dogs with less of an interview and application process that this shelter does for a homeless cat. I feel like I am living in the twilight zone.

In between all this going on I did manage the three hour process of bathing a show dog and making dehydrated sweet potato and chicken treats for the dogs.



0/29/2015 DINNER TIME

Wow, can you believe 2015 is almost half over? Todays chores leave me with little time so I wanted to share this precious video of my Sweet “B” having her dinner. Bailley has dinner rules. She wears her ears in a scrunchie so she doesn’t eat her ears, she likes for you to sit with her and act like you want what she is eating. It is really nice when the other dogs finish and they sit with her as well. Her food seems to taste so much better when someone wants it. About 3/4 way through her meal she will stop eating and look for her scoop of cottage cheese. If the protocol is not followed she will walk away from her bowl. So I take a deep breath, clear my mind, and sit next to her while she eats. I know your all thinking I am off my rocker and she is spoiled. Your right. But this is what I chose. If she wants it, she gets it!

6/26/2015 – LOVE HURTS

I learned at a very early age that falling in love with boys hurt. Growing up you learn not to allow yourself to fall first because those boys would inevitably break your heart and some would even walk on it.  Closing in on 50 I am still learning the rough lessons that unfold in every day living. About 14 years ago, after a 16 year marriage and two young children I learned my husband was a drug addict. To save myself and my children I had to grow up and be strong, I had to somehow reach into some unknown part of me and gather the strength to walk away. Talk about love hurts! I have discovered from my life lessons that the human spirit is very resilient. It seems that by the age of 50 everyone has a story. It seems these stories in some way shape who we are, how we look at life, how we treat one another. I believe the decisions we make as we walk through our story define us and our future. Those stories prepare us for the next chapter we face in life. I am unsure and un prepared for the story that lie before me but I can only face what lies ahead with my head held high hoping I will honor God in however it all turns out.

Falling in love with dogs is a completely different ballgame. When you walk into this relationship you never think of the hurtful part of loving a dog. If we had a glimpse of that pain in the beginning of our journey would we still chose to go through with it? Loving a dog more than likely will only end one way. The story was never written that the human and dog enjoyed a happy mutual relationship for the rest of their lives. I can honestly say the thought of falling in love so hopelessly never crossed my mind. It wasn’t until about five years into this relationship with Bailley that I suddenly realized it would not last for the rest of my life. The very moment I realized that I could not breath. I remember going to bed at night when she was very young, she snuggled up at my pillow and I would hold her, smelling her face and hair, I would fall asleep tearful at the very thought that I would have to face a single day without her. I am honestly surprised my husband to be, Stephen did not run as fast as he could, thinking I was a nut. If he did, I was OK with that because if he did not love the dogs as much as me, he was not my match.

8 (1 of 1)

From that moment on going to bed most nights is my favorite time of the day and my least favorite. When bed time comes it gives the opportunity to be able to snuggle my sweet B without the pressing issues of life pulling me away from her.  It is also the time in the day when my brain slows down enough that the thought of life without her creeps in. I am reminded our time together is growing shorter. I know, I am looking at the glass half empty but I am completely aware of the situation. Bailley is now 14 years and seven months old. The most I will get is 6??? more years. OK, so this is me trying to see the glass FULL! This love is so powerful, I am so thankful God gave me the opportunity to experience this kind of love. Its unconditional, pure, innocent, deep, primal. I am however so fearful of losing it. Its like a forbidden fruit. Once you taste the fruit, your eyes are open and life can never go on as it did before.

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Sorry this post is a bit of a downer but I am wondering how other people can love like this and survive loss. Its a path we can only venture alone. There are always loved ones or friends there to comfort us but in the deep, dark places of our mind, where grief takes it strongest hold, it is a path we must travel alone. I guess this is where our relationship and understanding of God will help heal our soul. It seems the darkest times in my life are the times when I grew in my relationship with Christ. If I were a smart person I would be pulling up a chair every day and having a chat with God to prepare myself for not only losing Bailley but for however my story will unfold. My stupid human brain just keeps me in forward motion all the time. One of my biggest difficulties in life is a constant fight to manage the my time and slow life down to make time for things that are most important. I am not unlike anyone else I suppose.

Life seems to be a constant balancing act. Dogs, husband, family, friends, money, business, and God. Humm, I notice I put God last on the list. Maybe I need to work on reorganizing my list.

So my original question is…  If we had a glimpse of that pain in the beginning of our journey would we still chose to go through with it? For me personally, the answer to this question pertaining to loving a dog is very unclear. The answer to this question with marriage and loving humans,  I am married again (10 years) so I have started a new journey and I am discovering life and love after painful loss is possible.


There is only one thing I like more than getting a gift in the mail. Getting a gift for Bailley in the mail. I ordered Bailley, and the rest of the dogs, a Pooch Party Pack. I was beyond excited with  anticipation for this box to arrive. Today I am going to share our experience with the box so if you decide to give them a try, you will know what to expect. I ordered the pack that was for small dogs 10 – 20 lbs

So here is the box –



I loved the presentation of the box. Who doesn’t love getting red, white and blue shredded paper with gifts?  They select cookies that are all natural and the spray was natural organic in a cute little bone bottle. Nothing cuter than a bone bottle??? The box included a toy that says Starbucks, Frenchie roast (how cute?), a bandana, made to slip over a collar that has a red white and blue print and three homemade cookies. All was very cute!

Immediately after opening the box the girls were gathered around somehow knowing there was something for them. I pulled out of the cookies and opened. I have to say I was very disappointed when the cookie had melted and breaking it in a couple pieces was impossible. I had to bite pieces off for them and I had frosting and crumbs everywhere. The cookies were way to big for a single serving for one small dog.  This was the cookie after the first two bites. I have to say it was a good cookie. In the process of biting some off for them, I ended up eating a bit of it. Very tasty. My girls loved it! I just wish they had sent bite size cookies and maybe save frosted cookies for the winter months when they will not melt.


The toy that came in the box was adorable but it was a bit to large for any of my SHih Tzu to get their mouth around. My dogs love toys and will put a hurtin on any that dare enter. But this toy has been pushed aside because it proves difficult to handle with their size jaw.

All and all, I would say we will not be getting anymore Pooch Party Packs. It was a bit disappointing. The pack is $35.00 a month and I did not feel this box held that much value for my girls. Maybe your experience will be different. They do give a discount on your first box and you can cancel at any time. If they put appropriate size toys and snacks in the box I think my experience would have been much better. It really is a cute idea. I plan to try a few other boxes because nothing is more exciting than getting special surprises in the mail for my babies.

6/23/2015 – POOP PATROL


There is a special skill that is learned when you breed, rescue or live with multiple dogs. Its a skill that is acquired over many years of “getting to know” the four legged beings you live with. Its Poop identification. I always say I have sunk to an all time low because I spend half of my day wondering around asking… “Who did this?”  I fool myself into believing my sweet little devils are house trained. Honestly, they do make a good show. We begin our morning going outside so everyone can have that, OMG Im finally out of bed, beginning of the day potty. For the most part they are good, running straight out to the grass and getting down to business.  Its usually a quick potty time because there is such haste as we rush out the door at the break of dawn. Im really glad because their needs come before my own.

Unfortunately getting off to a great start goes down hill as the morning ticks on. It seems one of my precious angels prefers my rug in the morning opposed to depositing her solid waste in the fresh out door air.  It usually starts about 8:30…”Who did this?” I don’t know why I bother. They all scatter about as if none of them did it and whoever I see first is going to get it. If I dont get everyone out at least every hour and a half, someone ends up having an accident. Well, I say accident. I am convinced its a conspiracy.

After years of living with the same dogs, I dont even have to ask. I normally I know by the size, shape, and location of the disgusting deposit.  As new dogs come into the house I reason by deduction of the old sizes, shapes and places that it must be the new guy. I have yet to know of any home that has multiple four legged angels who does not suffer from a random act of “Who did this?”  They all say, my dogs are house trained. All I can do is identify and agree.