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I am so thankful God gave me another year with my sweet baby. A year ago she was so sick that surviving another year seemed the equivalent to climbing My St Helen.  It has been a tough year but there have been so many wonderful memories that I have managed to save forever in many photos.

On Thanksgiving night we went to bed like any other night. Bailley curled up in her happy spot right by my head. It was no time before sweet sleep washed over all five of the hopeful lives the snuggled into bed. Around 2:30 Bailley woke up crying and uncomfortable. I tried to comfort her bet she became frantic and her crying was more urgent. I got up with her and we went out to potty. She circled around a bit confused but managed her way over to the grass and did her business. We came back inside but I could tell something was not right. She was anxious and crying, pacing and fearful. She was acting like she did when she has the last attack that left her completely blind for six days. She could see but I could tell it was VERY limited. I lay on the floor with her and she continued to be VERY anxious. This went on for hours. Nothing I did would settle her. She was panting so much I started to get concerned about her swallowing to much air and making her bloat. I decided to give her a dose of Hydracodone syrup. It took about twenty minutes but she started to calm and we went back to bed.

Upon waking Friday morning, I noticed her symptoms had returned. Something was wrong. I called and we took her to see Doc McDaniel. After a through exam Doc believed she has some kind of mini stroke and she was suffering from effects of it that was making her upset and afraid. I was VERY upset that this has happened again. It is hard feeling so helpless when you know something is not right. Doc gave Bailley a small amount of trazodone to calm her. We laid with Bailley in the exam room waiting for the medication to take effect. We stayed to make sure there were no unwanted side effects and to make sure it worked as we hoped it would. Within 20 minutes Bailley was relaxed. She could still walk and was alert, just not panicking.  We took her home with a script of Trazodone just in case we needed it again. She has been fine ever since. The only thing I notice is that one of her eyes seems to not be as wide open as the other.

On Sunday the Birthday event was a bit subdued. No big party or hoopla. She is 15 and she wanted to spend a quite birthday with rest. She did have a special turkey concoction with all the innards from the Thanksgiving turkey.  Made special for her and she loved it.  I bought a very special Birthday dress and she wore it all day. I cannot tell you how adorable she looked slumbering in her purple dress. In celebratory fashion we had a small photo session to save her special day forever.

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Resting after her big shoot!21 (1 of 1)



I finally made it back to update on Bailley and all the goings on around here. In early October I started to notice Bailleys face was staining, her hunger and excessive thirst was returning. I feel like the dosage of Ketoconozole we were giving had lost its effectiveness. On October 28 Bailley went to visit Doc Mary. We decided to raise her ketoconazole to 50 mg twice a day instead of once. I am not certain it is working as of yet but her symptoms do seem to be slowing down.

Doc listened to her heart before she looked at her records. She likes to do an exam without looked at the records so her opinion is unbiased. I appears Bailleys heart had strengthened. We all know the heart is a muscle and cannot repair its self but it does appear it is working more efficient. She even said she would grade it a 3 – 4 WOW!!! Maybe the supplements are working?

Phoebe had an appointment that day as well because she has started to look like a butter bal and all of the sudden seems to LOVE to eat. My worst fear was she would have Cushings. A complete panel was run on her and everything turned out NORMAL! No issues at all, just a little chunky. Guess who’s on a diet???


So as for Bailley, She is very firm about eating dinner and tells me so! She does find many things objectionable though. I tell her beggars cant be choosers but she stands firm. She seems to tire of some of my homemade meals. The last batch of food I made had chicken and livers and broccoli. Talk about STINK!!! She ate it for a couple days and decided it was not for her. The other dogs LOVE it!! She can be a major pain with her eating. I will be cooking soon and I will post a new recipe. I have to come up with something different. AND YUMMY!! No pressure.


I hate to get over excited but we have made it to November and she seems to be doing well.It appears we will make it to 15!!!! I am trying to come up with ideas for the best photo session ever!!! Her Birthday is 11/29 and photos will be taken that day. Stay tuned to see what crazy wonderful something I come up with.  Any ideas are appreciated!!