Monthly Archives: June 2016


I want to update everyone on Bailley’s life and what has been going on. She is holding her own. Some days are bad more days are good. Bailley is on all the same meds. She eats when I serve something her majesty likes. Many nights she has a big plate of several different tings offered. She does not seem to like the same thing more than twice in a row. We have to constantly be on our toes to switch her meals and come up with new combinations she may like. The one consistent thing she has for breakfast is Wellness Petite Entrees. She does not like the flake, only the casseroles. I think I have been lucky in this department because there are four different varieties and she gets a different one every morning.  Some days she will only eat half. She prefers being hand fed. So we accommodate her. When she is finished, she is finished and makes no bones about it. We always have two vultures waiting for the spoils.

Life has continued here in spite of Bailley’s ups and downs. Over the past year and a half I believe I have have started to accept how life works. I recently followed a blog about Joey & Rory Feek. If you have read their story, I think it is life changing. Their story made my heart more accepting of death. It made me realize I was allowing fear to steal my joy of everyday life. If someone so young can live so large in the face of certain death, it could be possible I was thinking of all of this in the wrong manner. For the last year and a half I have been facing losing my Grandmother in Bailley in the same breath. Funny thing is they both suffer from many of the same issues. They both seem to follow a pattern of ups and downs. I was o obsessed with the downs, I never enjoyed the ups.

I have committed to myself that life must and will go on. God gave me life to live it. I have started to find joy in things again. I am gardening again.


We have added a few  new members to our family and we really enjoy them. Seven in all.

I have started baking fun things for the dogs

And I am enjoying each day that God gives me with my Gramma and Bailley. God never promised tomorrow to any of us. I dont know how long I will have my Gramma and Bailley wit me but they are here now. I an love them, touch them, and enjoy them now. Death will come for all of us eventually. Until then, I chose life.