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5/17/2017 BETTER DAYS

So just as I thought a week or so ago, Bailley is now going through a good time. She is wagging her tail when I come home, eating all her meals, she potties outside, even going out and in by herself. We are now 12 days from 16.5 years old. Two years ago, I would have never thought she would make it to 14 much less 16.5. When you get this old half years matter!!

Bailley’s issues at this point in the game are:

  • She has hypothyroidism – controlled with meds
  • Cushings – controlled with meds
  • heart disease with a grade 5 murmur

Her symptoms are –

  •  hearing loss
  • her vision is very limited. Im thinking she only sees shadows and light.
  • Her right eye has become red and irritated, I assume it is possibly dry eye starting. I am controlling it very well with Genteal Severe Dry Eye relief lubricant.
  • She coughs when she wakes up and off and on throughout the day
  • Seems confused if you wake her. Like it takes her time to wake up
  • Gassy with panting and discomfort at times –  controlled with meds

On the positive side –

  • Her skin looks great
  • hair is full and grows quickly
  • mostly does her business outside
  • she eats her food, mostly unassisted
  • She appears to not be losing weight anymore
  • She takes meds pretty easy
  • She recognizes me and wags her tail
  • She loves her snacks and goes to the cookie jar when she notices others there
  • She runs and plays in her sleep like a puppy
  • She still digs in her bed and cleans her face after dinner

I have her on minimal meds at this point taking only her prescriptions and vibetra plus in intervals.  We took her to see Doc last month and her condition was not any worse than a year prior. I have decided with my vet’s advice, there will be no more trips to vet. Only refilling her scripts and keeping her comfortable and happy with some kind of quality of life. All I can do at this point is try my hardest to appreciate each day. I pray she will go home to be with the angels while sleeping.