On Wednesday November 29th 2000 Bailley was born into this world. Bailley was the result of me wanting a puppy to show and I bred my, not so pedigreed, dog with a very nice show dog.  The person who owned the Mom had to leave them with me to go to work. I delivered the litter. All of the puppies in the liter were black and white, except Bailley.

NewBailley3 newBailley2
I wanted a red and white and that is what she looked like when she was born. I was very new to breeding Shih Tzu. I cannot explain the love I felt the moment she came into the world, I held this tiny, little mole looking thing in my hand and  I knew she was destined to be my heart dog. As she grew it appeared she would be gold and white. She was the most precious little thing I had ever seen.


Her puppy days were spent diapered and spoiled beyond belief, terrorizing anything that dared to cross her path.





Bailley was always the center of attention, although sometimes she was not so thrilled about it.  I didn’t want to miss a moment so photos of her were everywhere.







As she grew she became my first show dog in training. I bought every product on the market to make her coat beautiful and she was brushed and groomed every day.




As you can see we were both learning and those stupid top knots were so hard to catch onto. My poor sweet B looked like she had an angry white rat stuck to the top of her head.



I continued to learn and she continued to grow. Competing in dog shows was so hard. In spite of me obviously having the most beautiful intelligent dog, we never won.  She hated being shown. She knew being home on the couch was so much better than Mommy being stressed out and wanting her to walk pretty with a white rat and a bow on her head.

bailley (2)I eventually gave in and cut her down. She was so happy to just be Bailley. She was always such a diva, she followed the rules on her terms and was very demanding when she wanted something or things were not going her way. Needless to say, Bailley always got her way. My boys were so jealous of her. They used to say I loved her more than them. Typical sibling rivalry!



Bailley became the dog show mascot. I certainly could not leave her home while I traveled to the dog shows for long weekends. She fit in very nicely into this new position in her life. Dog shows were so much fun, traveling all over and getting lots of snacks all the time because all the humans did was sit in the RV spending time with her.

showShe also enjoyed being a cheerleader to the new show dogs as if she was so much more experienced than them. She did not care for ring time when she was left in the RV alone while I sauntered off to spend time with another dog.  Upon returning to the RV she would sniff me all over as if to say, “You dirty Mommy, you were off with other dogs.”  I felt like I was getting the third degree!


Bailley has never been a hold me cuddle me dog. She is very independent with tons of attitude. She can even give a bad hair cut attitude.

She has always been the center of attention and rightfully so. Bailley is my heart dog. That once in a lifetime dog that you have a deep connection with. My soul mate dog. She helped me raise and homeschool two boys, she has seen me through the horrible experience of divorce. Having no husband in bed next to me after 16 years was much tolerable with her presence filling my nights. Mornings, opening my eyes to life as a single Mom were much less lonely with her always making sure I was OK. She slept in the crook of my back for days on end when I could not get out of bed after an operation. She has always been the warm little heart beat next to me during some of the happiest times in my life and some of the most desperate times in my life.


Bailly was always a big toy dog. (not so much anymore) She has a few she preferred. Mostly the hairy bunny or a cat that was fluffy and meowed. We had to take it away and hide it when watching TV or we could not hear our show. She was very offended and would demand it back, no matter where we put it if she saw it she would go stand by the spot the toy was hiding and demand with her growling bark, she wanted it back.



She has always been a willing model with my constant barrage of photographing her.

She is a very loving dog, innocent, loyal yet proud.  She is not very tolerant now of kids and puppies. In fact she will snap at them. She just wants to warn them that she is not to be trifled with. She will retaliate if needed.



She spends her days waiting for me to be with her. The perfect day to Bailley is when I am in the office all day at the computer. She sleeps under my desk. If I get up to do other things when she wakes she comes looking for me. It seems now that she has grown old, I am her comfort. She still does not want to be held and snuggled but she does desire to ever be by my side.

So as you see, to me, Bailley is that one in a million soul mate that come along to share in all the ups and downs of my life. She has loved and been loved, she accepts me just the way I am, as I accept her just the way she is (you cant improve perfect). Good days or bad days she loves me just the same. I promise her I will love her and take care of her the best I can and when the day comes that she no longer has quality of life, I will love her enough to let her go.

My sweet Bailley,  “You can spend the rest of your life with me… but I can’t spend the rest of my life with you.”


3 thoughts on “ABOUT BAILLEY

  1. Melodee

    What a wonderful companion you have in Bailley. She’s a beautiful little girl. I have one also. His name is Prince and he’s 3 months older than your Bailley. I want to try to talk to you in a pm. Ihope you will let me. I have an idea about Princes condition and would like your input on it. Thanks, Princes mom aka Melodee Garrison. Mel49f@aol.com



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