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I realized a couple weeks ago I realized that I have changed a few of the things I give Bailley and wanted to share these things with all of you as well as amend her medication page.

Cody brought a very mild case of Kennel cough home. He and Peyton were recently vaccinated. Peyton did not get it at all. Cody had a snotty stuffy nose. Phoebe (9) and Bailley (16) got it the worse. With Bailley being pretty bad. I had a couple days that Bailley did not want to eat. She had trouble standing and coughed so bad she could not sleep. Phoebe cough non stop. I am telling you this because these circumstances lead me to a couple new wonderful things.

To treat the kennel cough every one got nebulizer treatments twice a day for 10-20 min each. We have a human nebulizer with a mask that works well with the flat faced dogs. Ours is similar to the one below. I bought it on craigslist.

I used a saline solution which I keep on hand for different reasons. One for each treatment. The saline I buy is here

I have hydrocodone syrup on hand for Bailley when she has extreme attacks of coughing due to her heart. It was very nice to have but after a couple days I started to wish I could give them something else in the morning so they would not b groggy. A fellow breeder recommended this cough syrup. It worked with all the dogs and I have used it on the grand kids as well. The dogs got it twice a day. Morning and before bed. Bailley got Hydrocodone before bed as this helped her sleep for at least a few hours. You can give this syrup 1 cc every 6 hours.


Another breeder friend told me about a supplement she used to get rid of Kennel cough. Vibactra Plus. I did some research on this and found it could be very useful not only for the distressed situation Bailley was in at the moment but also all the time.  Vibactra Plus


It is around 30.00 a bottle. I got mine on ebay. About a week into using this I saw a marked difference in both Phoebe and Bailley. Phoebe was all but over it with a few coughs here and there and Bailley’s cough sounded more like it was a heart cough than a kennel cough


She was doing much better. As you can see in the video she started getting back to her old self. She was moving around like her body was not achy anymore. She started eating regular food (for her) again. We went through two rotisserie chickens over a two week period that is all she would eat. Since this video was taken she has shown more improvement.

After all seemed to be over with the Kennel cough, it seemed Bailley was left with a heart cough that was a little more often than before. Over the Christmas holiday her vet had to call in a new script for Lasix  (furosemide) For some reason the pill form was sent. She has always had the liquid. I noticed when she was sleeping there was a wheezing in her breathing. I suspected the Lasix was not doing its job. I had a little of the liquid left so the next day I gave her liquid just to test my theory. I was not sure if it was my imagination but she seemed better with the liquid. So I went to Walmart and had the liquid re filled. What did I have to lose? The script is around 11.00. It was worth it to me just to see if it would be better. There is definitely a difference in how her body responds to the liquid. She is almost back to her regular cough which is almost non existent. Only when she wakes from sleep or stress.

I thought it was important to tell the story about the Lasix because your vet is your dogs Dr but, you know your dog and your vet can be more effective with treatment if you are diligent at home with being observant.

So on top of all of this going on I realized Bailley was very gassy. I mean to the extent that every time she coughed walking down the drive outside to potty, she sounded like my husband when he gets gassy. For a little dog this was impressive but I felt like it might hurt her a bit. Not only that but it scared her. She would dart away from each one like someone was poking her in the bottom. Now she gets baby gas relief drops in the morning (if necessary) and after dinner. Her gas is much improved. I do believe the excessive gas is part of her health issues.

So one more thing I have to tell you about. Several months back I noticed she seemed to have chronic infection going on and it seemed to be bladder or urinary track related.  She has been on Ketoconozole for two years now as well as all the other medication she takes. Everything she is taking damages the kidneys and liver. I found a product called Renafood. She gets one every evening with her food. We hide it just like everything else. She has been taking it for almost three months and has not had infection since. Her bloodwork has never shown signs of kidney failure but I believe it is imminent with age and lots of meds.


To see the modifications in her meds and supplements check out her meds page.


0/29/2015 DINNER TIME

Wow, can you believe 2015 is almost half over? Todays chores leave me with little time so I wanted to share this precious video of my Sweet “B” having her dinner. Bailley has dinner rules. She wears her ears in a scrunchie so she doesn’t eat her ears, she likes for you to sit with her and act like you want what she is eating. It is really nice when the other dogs finish and they sit with her as well. Her food seems to taste so much better when someone wants it. About 3/4 way through her meal she will stop eating and look for her scoop of cottage cheese. If the protocol is not followed she will walk away from her bowl. So I take a deep breath, clear my mind, and sit next to her while she eats. I know your all thinking I am off my rocker and she is spoiled. Your right. But this is what I chose. If she wants it, she gets it!


Yesterday afternoon the dogs stayed very close to the kitchen. They were at my feet making yummy noises, crying, and pacing. I was cooking. Not cooking any old dinner for us but, they knew it was dinner for them! The dogs are always near the kitchen when I cook dinner but this was different, how do they know that the pot on the stove is full of a yummy beefy concoction just for them? I gave in after about 20 minutes of listening to their pleas for a morsel. We all did taste tests. I have to say, all of the dogs in the neighborhood are very upset with their owners that the only thing on their menu was kibble! I have done so much research on preparing home cooked meals for my babies that I am starting to catch on to this whole healthy dog thing. If I spent as much time getting myself healthy I could look like  Bo Derek in 10. I guess for now I will just live with this chucky little body I have. I don’t have anyone cooking my meals and saying this is all you get. If anyone wants to volunteer I am gladly excepting resumes.

So here is my recipe for the meal I cooked – 1 lb ground round, I lb ground chicken, 1/2 lb beef liver, (cut up in tiny pieces) one sweet potato, 1/2 bag frozen broccoli, 1/2 bag frozen peas, 1/2 bag frozen green beans, 1 pt fresh blueberries, 1/2 c extra virgin olive oil,  3 scoops Nupro supplement, four egg shells toasted and ground to dust.

First I do the egg shells. Steve had eggs for breakfast and we save the shells. Shells add lots of calcium to dog food. Its my understanding it is richest source of calcium you can get. So I wash them, cook them at 350* until they are crispy. I put them in the coffee grinder and ground to a fine powder.

IMG_1828 IMG_1829

Next is the veggies. I put them all in the food processor, one at a time and grind until very fine.

IMG_1856 IMG_1854

While doing this I put the potato in the microwave and start cooking the meat.

IMG_1853IMG_1851IMG_1860Then in go the blueberries

IMG_1858 IMG_1859

After the meat is cooked I mash the potato add all the ingredients to the pot and stir just to heat a little. After the food is cool I add the nupro vitamins.


This meal has been a huge hit so far. I was worried about the vitamins because Bailley can smell vitamins a mile away. It is beefy flavor so it may help. Each dog got a small scoop of cottage cheese with their meal the last couple nights.

This is week three of home cooked meals for the dogs and they seem to be doing very well on it. Its kind of fun cooking for them, it doesn’t take long, and I feel very good inside that I know what is in their food, all healthy stuff. I am definitely seeing this way of feeding my dogs a new lifestyle for us. If you really are what you eat, my dogs should be the glowing example of health. Now if I could get milk shakes, chocolate, and bread our of my diet maybe I will not feel like such a hot mess. See results below



BLOOD RESULTS – Waiting for results that could potentially turn your life upside down is very difficult. Part of me had a good feeling but part of me was worried the cushings was not being controlled anymore. I read somewhere online a couple weeks ago that Ketoconozole used to treat cushings is only a temporary band aid. It would quite working after a few months.

Well, according to the blood, Bailley’s cushings is very well under control. My vet was amazed. She said if she didnt know any better she wouldn’t know she had it. Her liver results were high which is typical of a dog with cushings and heart disease. I am starting Bailley back on SAMe today. Bailley looks great and now we know she is doing exceptionally well. The last couple evenings when we let her out to potty she has been doing a bit of running in the drive. The cool air in the evening gets her a bit spunky. I am so relieved that this part of our journey is behind us and everything is good. The first six months blood check was a big thing. Sometimes your dog can look OK on the outside but have terrible things going on the inside. Just like people. Cancer and heart disease are silent killers.

JERKY- Now to the jerky part of my post. I decided to buy a dehydrator from Amazon to make treats for the dogs and us! I made my first batch of beef jerky. Ours had seasoning on it and the dogs was plain. I got meat at Winn Dixie that was cut thin for carne asada. It turned out pretty good for both dog and human. It looks a bit straggly but it is awesome!


I also tried shredding chicken breast and wrapping it around sweet potato sticks along with sliced apple pieces ( I wrapped a few of these in chicken as well). It all turned out pretty good but I think next time I will make bigger sweet potato sticks. Im not quite sure what Bailley will say when I give her one of these snacks. She might throw it back at me!


I will tell her beggars cant be choosers!! Bailley’s favorite treat is sweet potatoe sticks wrapped in bacon but, considering the big scare that the chicken is from China and its making dogs sick, I really cant give them to her and feel good about it. This is a way I can do it cheaper and healthier.


A long time ago when I was much younger and raising my two boys, we attended a church where about 90% of the mothers home schooled their children. My children were about 7 and 11. I looked at all those mothers and tipped my hat to them. After being asked if I would like to join their group I said, “There is no way on God’s green earth, I would ever home school my kids.” There were SO many holes in this way of thinking and I had hard evidence to back this up. I was not a scholarly person and graduated high school by the hair on my chiny chin chin. The county had a much better grasp of what children needed to be taught and they had a curriculum that was voted on by much smarter people than myself. Kids need to be with other children to thrive and understand how to develop socially. Putting my children on that big yellow bus every morning was such a relief that I handed the gauntlet over to someone more qualified.

Well, I slowly found out not a single one of these reasons were valid! SCARY stuff! When I took a step back from my own selfish mind, the blinders started falling off. I saw that my children were suffering academically and socially because I put them on that big yellow bus every morning. Then guilt took over because I knew and understood what was true and untrue. I started home schooling my oldest in his second year of middle school and my youngest was in elementary school. It was very difficult to follow where God was leading on this issue in my life. My family all thought I was making a huge mistake. They thought I was allowing the church to lead and I just blindly followed. I felt called by God, I blindly followed GOD! With my blind leadership, both of my children graduated with very good grades. Both boys are firmly grounded in family, they are polite and say yes sir, no sir. Both boys went to college. One to Embry riddle and graduated with a degree in aviation science, the other joined the Navy and is currently a sonar technician on a submarine, helping protect our freedom.

I am a very rebellious person. I am not a follow the crowd kind of person. I question EVERYTHING. But looking back over my life so far, I have found when I step back and give up my will, God spoke very loud and his plan is so much better than mine.

I love my children, my dogs and my husband more than every breath I take. My children dont really want my mothering anymore and the last thing you want to do is mother a husband. So now most of my motherly attention is focused on my dogs.

Because I am so deeply involved in dogs I have discovered many people cook for their dogs. I have always said, they are crazy, I will never do that, I dont have time, there are tons of high quality dog foods on the market.

During this journey with Bailley, everything I have read about cushings and heart disease treatment has had one thing in common. Home cooked diet is best! I was very intimidated by this and have denied and fought this notion for many years. The time has finally come, I have officially crossed that hard line in the sand and I cooked my first official batch of home made dog food. I have also ordered a few more nutrients that seem vital to Bailley’s stability. I will post more about those once I start them.

SO my first batch was a pretty good go of it but next time I will know a but more how much of each item and I will be adding a few more ingredients. I have decided no grains. For now at least. My recipe was ground chicken and turkey


After the meat was pretty much cooked, I added eggs(whole egg including shells), broccoli, peas, and blueberries – All added to the food procesor one at a time and ground fairly fine.

IMG_1737 IMG_1736

I added two sweet potatoes diced after cooking them and  some garlic powder. I cooked all of this together. On the side of her meal I gave her cottage cheese. I put all of her meds in her bowl with this food. It has been impossible to get fish oil in her because the gel caps are huge. Cant hide them in anything! I opened one and put it on her food. Worked great. It was definitely a hit and I gave the other dogs half of this with their kibble. I will be switching everyone over once I get a firm grasp on doing this.


This recipe is Bailley approved – EMPTY bowl. She even came back for more later!!

IMG_1741So in closing, a quote from my grandmother, “Don’t ever say what your not going to do because it will be the next thing you have to do.”