All of these symptoms developed over a six month period. At first I thought she was starting to age. The panting and discomfort were the signs that caused me to really notice something was wrong.

– hair loss – especially tail. Her tail started looking like a rat tail

– Always hungry – I could feed her and it was never enough. She would have eaten herself to death

– Constant thirst – I noticed this most in the morning when she would wake me to get out of bed so she could get a drink. She would stand at the bottle for at least 15 min

– Pot Belly

– Could no longer jump on sofa

– She was very gassy, in the evening she would be so gassy she would not be able to get comfortable. She was stressing, panting and pacing because of this.

– Panting when she was not hot.

– thin skin – her skin resembled that of a 95 year old and would tear easy. I had to be careful when I clipped her.

– low energy level

– no shine to her coat


3 thoughts on “CUSHING’S SYMPTOMS

  1. Gigi

    I send you and sweet Bailley a gazzilion hugs, kisses, and blessings!!! i cried reading this.. I can’t imagine your pain.. ❤


    1. Leslie Post author

      Gigi, Thank you so much for taking the time to write kind words of encouragement. Bailley and I send a gazzillion hug right back!!!!


  2. Leslie Moody

    I went through this with my Lhasa “Hattie” she had Cushing’s and heart disease. The vet told me she wouldn’t live past the age of seven…she fooled us all…I was blessed to have her eleven years…Praying for you and Bailley ❤



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