Hoping to help others see that there can be quality of life living with Cushing’s and heart disease. This blog was created to document our journey.  On 11/24/2014 Bailley was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.

I noticed she was withering away before my eyes and almost knew what was wrong. I avoided facing the truth for as long as I could. When I took her to see the Doc my worst fears had been confirmed.  I felt as though I could not breath, I was devastated and could not stop the tears. I felt this was surely a death sentence. I had many decisions to make in the coming days that would determine life and death for my Sweet “B” my heart was heavy with grief as if she was already gone. I felt there was only one way this would end and it was not an option I wanted to face.

Bailley was not only diagnosed with Cusing’s she also had high thyroid, a grade three heart murmur, her heart had grown so large it was touching her trachea, and she had a bad urinary tract infection.

In an effort to give others, facing the same journey, comfort and information, I created this blog. There is a lot of information on the net about Cushing’s and heart disease and how to treat it. I consumed all of this information and hungered for more. After all the technical stuff, I found the most comfort in hearing stories of others. This is our story.


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