Monthly Archives: January 2016


It seems in the last week or two Bailley is slipping back. She was getting up in the middle of the night for potty and she seemed depressed, like she wasn’t feeling herself. She also wanted to drink at the bottle forever so I started leaving her up at the bottle and going back to bed. Five days with no sleep was starting to wear on me. She would find her way through the dark back to the bedroom and demand to be put back in bed. Not ideal, but it was working.

She refuses to eat dog food, or food I make her. She got so bad I went to the grocery store and walked around for over an hour gathering things to offer her, hoping she would eat something. I bought ground beef, tilapia from the seafood market, jar baby food ( meat varieties) jar baby turkey sticks, and chicken vienna sausage, (her favorite) I dont like giving her these because of the salt content. We had some smoked turkey breast, not lunch meat but a breast we smoked on the grill.

I did get her eating again by offering these things in shifts. I started her on antibiotics which seemed to help her need for middle of the night drinking and potty breaks. Not sure what was going on but whatever it was has subsided, for now. She did perk up and started doing every day things again.  So now we are at eating but now great. I do manage to get her meds down in some kind of food. She eats jar baby food, loves ground beef slightly warm, not cooked, and if I mix the ground beef in a little of the chicken food I make she will eat it, so she is getting some vitamins. Im not happy with this new eating menu but, she is eating and seems stable.

I can see the decline in her condition. I know she is not doing as well as she was. Im not certain if this decline will continue or if this is just another bump in the road. This disease seems to cause her health to ebb and flow. I have learned to take it day by day. I feel stronger to face what lies ahead with her. Realizing more and more death is a part of life. You cannot have one without the other.

The video below was taken a couple days ago. Bailley is back to her quality control job in the packing room for Simply BePaws. She really takes her job serious. She normally thrashes about in the peanuts much more than you see in the video. She was almost finished when I grabbed the phone.  You can hear the house phone ringing in the background.  I dont normally answer the phone because as you can see I have much more important things to attend to. Savoring every single moment I have with my sweet “B”