Here is where I will keep a current record of her condition along with Dr visits and Dr findings.


06/09/2015 – Six month blood work – full wellness screen and ACTH test

Findings: It appears Bailley is doing well on all meds. No issues or problems except liver which could be due to meds. I started her on SAMe next day for liver support.

bailleytest  bailleytest1




04/22/15 Coughing is getting a bit worse – my concern was lasix did not appear to be working. Could cough possibly be the heart pressing against the trachea?

Dr finding – Bailley’s weight was up almost a puund!! Mary upgraded Bailley’s heart murmur to a grade 4  as well as heard a bit of fluid.

Discussion – Dr agreed that cough could possibly be trachea but also wanted bailley back on the .5 ml lasix due to slight sound of fluid. Prescribed Hydrocodone syrup for cough related to pressure on trachea.  She cautioned me this could make her drowsy and advised to only give in case of coughing fit that would not stop.  I think Im going to hold off on this a bit.  Doc felt that Bailley looked healthy and confirmed she was doing better than most of her younger patients. Doc said she could not make a 14 year old dog 5 again. I thought she worked miracles but I guess that one is even out of her realm of possibilities.

I must admit this is the first time in over a year Bailley was alert and enjoying her ride to the vet. I love the reflection of her sweet face in the window.



03/24/15 Billey had a marked improvement. Hair started growing back and her pep came back. She was living again. She started a cough that is not bad but concerning. I wanted to see if she has fluid build up. I know a cough is a sign the heart may be getting worse.

Dr finding – Bailley’s heart murmur remains a grade 3 and no sound of fluid existed. A preventative dose of Lasix was prescribed.  Doc was amazed at the appearance of Bailley and felt she looked healthy. Her hair is coming back, she seems peppy, everything sounded and looked great.

Discussion – stay the course. In a couple months we will return for blood work and test to measure the cortisol in her blood.  Visit was encouraging, I discussed once again my terrifying fear of losing her. I think Doc is beginning to realize she has a “situation” on her hands. She discussed with me the process of life and dying is a part of that process. She feels when a dog dies of old age and lived a great life that it is beautiful. I, unfortunately, cannot grasp this idea at all!


In this in between stage I saw positive changes. I was monitoring Bailley every single hour of every single day. SHe had some really tough days. I noticed as the Ketoconazole started working she seemed to get very weak in the beginning. Her arthritis got so bad she could almost not walk. She did not want to eat. I was very distraught and felt like I was watching her die.  I was in constant contact with my vet and the meds were adjusted to find a happy medium between working and her feeling better. Meds were prescribed to boost her appetite


12/29/20104 – Went to vet for test to see if Ketoconozole was working. Results showed it was working.

Bailley’s skin started looking worse and her hair loss continued. She was very sick all the time. Her gassy symptoms stopped and her discomfort and not being able to settled seemed to be subsiding. She was getting me up in the middle of the night every night at this point to go pee. Not sure if this was related to any of the meds.

I was speaking with Doc every week with updates.


12/08/2014 – Bailley started ketoconazole



Took Bailley for her ACTH test – an eight hour test where they draw blood. They give her some medication and draw blood again in 4 hours and then again 4 hours later.


Her first visit was mid October 2014 I started to put things together and did a little research. I took her to the vet and said I suspected it was cushing’s At this visit I also wanted to get blood work done and exam to schedule a dental.

Dr findings – she suspected cushings as well. She did an x-ray and full blood panel with urinalysis. The x-ray revealed Bailley’s heart was so large it was touching the trachea. Her liver was slightly enlarged. An exam revealed a grade 3 heart murmur. The blood work showed she had a urinary tract infection, her thyroid was high, Her blood work was all over the place.

Discussion – vet suggested ACTH test. Put her on Thyroid meds, heart meds, antibiotics, and I started SamE for liver support


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