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This year on 2/13/17 Cody and I will be showing in New York. What an exciting time for Tian Mi Shih Tzu. I invite anyone interested to watch live streaming of the Shih Tzu breed judging at 1:30 on the Westminster web site located at There will be links for each breed to watch them live. I don’t expect any big win but it will be a nice experience and we can hope to get an award of merit.



7/2/2015 – DO DOGS DREAM?

So, if dogs feel emotions, do they dream? What do they dream about? Well, anyone who has shared their life with a dog has probably seen their precious baby twitch or yelp while they sleep. Do you wonder, is this a dream? Are they chasing something? Is it a bad dream?

Research proves dogs do dream. After doing an experiment on rats scientist discovered that while rats sleep they are replaying situations of running through mazes they experienced earlier, The brain waves while sleeping were exactly the same enabling scientist to pinpoint the exact location in the maze the rat was awake, while asleep.

Research conducted in 2001 by Matthew Wilson and Kenway Louieof MIT has proven that during sleep, even the brain wave patterns of human and dog are also alike. At the structural level, the brains of dogs are similar to those of humans. Also, during sleep the brain wave patterns of dogs are similar to that of people, and go through the same stages of electrical activity observed in humans, all of which is consistent with the idea that dogs are dreaming. It is concluded dogs dream of similar things humans do. Events of the day are played out. Possibly chasing a ball or barking when their human companion returns home.

Dogs normally enter REM stage of sleep after about 20 minutes of uninterrupted sleep. Below is a short video of Bailley dreaming, I wonder if she dreams of flying as I do?

0/29/2015 DINNER TIME

Wow, can you believe 2015 is almost half over? Todays chores leave me with little time so I wanted to share this precious video of my Sweet “B” having her dinner. Bailley has dinner rules. She wears her ears in a scrunchie so she doesn’t eat her ears, she likes for you to sit with her and act like you want what she is eating. It is really nice when the other dogs finish and they sit with her as well. Her food seems to taste so much better when someone wants it. About 3/4 way through her meal she will stop eating and look for her scoop of cottage cheese. If the protocol is not followed she will walk away from her bowl. So I take a deep breath, clear my mind, and sit next to her while she eats. I know your all thinking I am off my rocker and she is spoiled. Your right. But this is what I chose. If she wants it, she gets it!


As each month passes I cannot help but recognize and be so thankful for every day my sweet “B” has that she is happy and full of life. She is doing very well. She is old and sleeps a lot but when she is up she is alert, she is very in tune with my presence. Her days are happiest when I am at home and she can be with me. I really believe with every cell in my being that the supplements I am giving her is having a huge impact on her quality of life. She greets us at the door again, she actually barks for us to come in. She is joining the other dogs as they run out the door in the evening to welcome Steve home from work.  Bailley actually gallops and runs through the house when she is excited. She does not play with toys and more but she will grab a plastic bag from your hand and give it a good shake. She will throw her body on top of it and growl with exciting anticipation of you trying to grab it from her. I would say, looking at the whole picture, that Bailley is living her life as she was meant to.

This month Bailley turn 14 and seven months old!! When she was ten we had a big birthday party with peanut butter pup cakes and games in the yard complete with birthday hats and dresses. I plan to celebrate Bailley’s 15th Birthday in November of this year with another party. Please mark your calendars, you are all invited!!!

Here is the video of her 10th